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This case describes a small business and how its founder, Megan Duckett, used information technology to expand and grow her organization. The company creates and manufactures draperies and backdrops for theatrical productions. Some of the products made have been used by celebrities and famous musicians. Megan has grown the company, which started out in her kitchen, to a multimillion dollar company. Megan attributes a large part of her success to information technology. The company’s Web site launched the business from a local shop to a worldwide organization. Information technology helps all aspects of Sew What. This includes ordering, accounting and storing its thousand of customer and fabric files. Although her company had grown on word of mouth alone, after a period of slow business, she decided to build and design her own Web site. As the business grew, Megan had the Web site updated through a web marketing company.

Sew What? and Megan eventually won the Dell/NFIB Small Business Excellence Award, which awards $30,000 worth of Dell products and services plus numerous other gifts. Sew What?, has gone on to win other awards as well. Megan accredits information technology for growing and enhancing her company to a level she never imagined.

I believe a small business can benefit from information technology in several ways. Information technology services can help build and reinvent a small business. From small steps like developing a Web page or setting up email, to larger focuses on fast and easy on-line ordering, customer service enhancements and products created especially for a particular company to help be more effective and cost efficient. Small businesses would benefit from the “file and print, communications, document management, and business continuity. These are building-block solution that almost every small and midsize business would…...

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