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Sex Education to Subjects

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Chapter 1
Problem and it’s Setting

Background of the study
Sex education has become a major issue here in the Philippines because the church people and government officials cannot decide on whether to incorporate sex education in students learning curriculum in this study the researchers will show the importance of incorporating sex education to the subjects of the students.
According to statistics compiled by the Guttmacher Institute schools (2008) is exploring the best sex education programs to benefit students. The US has “one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the developed world—almost twice as high as those of England, Wales and Canada, and eight times as high as those of the Netherlands and Japan.” Because of the rising pregnancy rates among teens, in addition to the rising rates of sexual activity among teens, parents. The United States has unacceptably high rates of teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, and HIV/AIDS infections. To address this challenge, NARAL Pro-Choice America supports honest, age-appropriate, and medically accurate sex education that promotes abstinence and provides young people with the information they need to protect themselves.
On the same hand, Peter J. Smith (2006) any DepEd directors and church people have argued that if they should incorporate sex education to the learning of the students. Furthermore they have argued about it since 2006 but today some public schools are incorporating sex education to a child’s learning in addition the government was testing the reception of integrating the sex-education program into the general curriculum, including it among such subjects as health, Filipino, science, and livelihood education. In what the United Nations Fund for Population Activities called a positive step, the integration of sex education would have required teachers to educate about overpopulation and the...

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