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Sexual imagery has been utilized in advertisements for as long as we can all remember with a crazy rate of success. With the increasing difficulty of advertisers to obtain attention from the social media consumers, the use of both successful and unsuccessful sexual imagery has thrived recently. Certain products such as clothing and cologne are quite easy to sell with sexual imagery. Corporations selling wares such as fast food, however, must have a different approach with their use of sexual imagery. Arby’s Restaurant took such a constructive approach with its one-page advertisement in the 2009 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Arby’s sells their new Roastburger to men aged 18-25 by cleverly placing their product in a place no man can deny looking at. Men who flipped through this issue undoubtedly did a double take and read the entire advertisement and were affected through the suggestive placement of the product. The ad featured two of Arby’s soon-to-be released Roastburger sandwiches covered by a model’s crossed arms. The burgers were positioned side-by-side in the upper third of the ad, with the model’s arms crossed at the wrists at about the center of the ad. The model’s hands were positioned in such a way that they covered a majority of the two burgers, but left some of the top and bottom of each burger visible. The model’s arms extended out of the print area of the ad and no other part of the model’s body was visible. In the lower quarter of the ad was a bright red text box that extended from the left edge of the ad across to the Arby’s logo at the right edge of the ad. The minimal amount of white text in the box contained the headline, “We’re about to reveal something you’ll really drool over,”. The remaining copy text acknowledged that Arby’s was teasing the viewer with a glimpse of the burgers, but that the viewer would have to wait until it...

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