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Sexism, Racism and Stereotypes in the Media of African Americans

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Karl Bell
Ingrid Castro
Sexism, Racism and Stereotypes in the media of African Americans, Sex sales everything and any thing in our society. People want to be like the people in the Media, Stereotyping of African American in the media, newspapers, television, movies, magazines and music videos are where people get these images of what African American women and men look like, these are the vehicles used to alter and form their perceptions. The media has a powerful influence in the everyday thoughts and lives of Americans. The way they depicted what African American wears and who they are. I want to be sexy and pretty and want all the people to lust after me The American media, in particular, and Western media, more generally, are charged with glamorizing and perpetuating unrealistic ideals of feminine beauty. This is the state of mind the media wants to develop. But is any of this real? Why are women sex objects in the Media? Why is beautiful defined by hair and body structure and skin tone? Why are couples more loving when they are Caucasian and seen as angelic. But African women don’t look pure or innocent; they look like whores in the Media. Why is it that African American women attributes are made so they look like a sex toy? The Caucasian woman looks like the women a man takes home to mom. In the media several men are lusting for the African American women, but none are communicates marriage to her and yet Caucasian women are seem like they a pure and divine. They can love one man for their whole lives. Why can’t all women have the same imagery in the media? In chapter #4 of (Conley Socialization, the process by which individuals internalize the values, beliefs, and norms of a given society and learn to function as a member of that society).I believe this to be true in the African American community. Why is it based…...

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