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Sexting is the act of sending sexually explicit photos via text messages, and is shockingly common among teens. According to Katie Couric of [Fox News], [Sexting] is “the new craze all over the country among 11 to 17 year-old adolescents.” A recent study by MSNBC found that 20% (1 in 5) of teens between the ages of 12 and 17 have sexted in their lives. Teens say “sexting” is one way to gain approval from peers or possible suitors.

Teens in America are facing criminal charges of child pornography for sending and receiving nude pictures. These photos are often forwarded from friend-to-friend via cell phone and even around entire classes. With the availability of technology, young people are not aware that once they start cyber-swapping photos they are on the Internet to stay. If these photos get into the hands of the wrong people such as college admissions or future employers they could ruin the chance to fulfill a dream and there is nothing sexy about that. In fact, I see a relation with the movie of American Beauty, because in the entire movie Rick the neighbor of Jane is filming her with some erotic scenes.

The media image of scantily dressed individuals is so common that teenagers don’t feel that it is wrong. It isn’t uncommon for teens to follow media and act like the people they see on the television everyday. In music videos it isn’t uncommon to see women dressed in minimal clothing. Pornography is easily found in public places such as gas stations and drug stores, and it has become socially acceptable. Today’s children utilize technology with little adult intervention and they may perceive privacy, which doesn’t exist. Adolescents view it as fun and this practice as innocent. In American Beauty Lester the father of Jane has sexual dreams about Angela the sensual friend of Jane, In the end of the movie Lester and Angela were going to have sexual relations, but finally this did not happen because Angela told him that she was a virgin. Here we can see how teenagers are persuaded by the image of sex in the media.

Teens forget about the dangers of losing their privacy once something is out on the Internet. At the beginning of the year, six teens in America were charged with child pornography for sexting. These “innocent” pictures were discovered by the cheerleading coach of the school and were taken seriously. These six teenagers, all under the age of 18 were charged with child pornography, for possessing nude pictures of underage persons. “The Supreme Court says that minors can possess sexual images of themselves and others in consensual activity, but when it’s distributed, it becomes child pornography,” according to Frank Addario, a Toronto lawyer. In Canada, it isn’t a criminal offense to take nude pictures of yourself or minors; the criminal is the person who distributes the photographs.

Not only does sexting have legal impacts, but social impacts as well. In the case of one 13-year-old in Illinois, she was unable to return to school because of the rejection she faced from her peers. She decided to take semi-nude pictures of herself and send them to a boy she thought she liked. When the pictures were spread amongst her peers she tried to commit suicide. This girl revealed a very personal part of her life, and the outcome of her decision caused emotional scarring forever.

To conclude, Sexting has given teens a new form of socialization. Nowadays, things are easy for teenagers, because technology is changing every day so teens have access in the internet to pornography and they can put there sexual photos in the internet. The problem is that teenagers don´t know the consequences and the dangers of these actions. Consequently, I think that the government should do something to reduce sexting.


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