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Sexual Assault Definition

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Sexual Assault Carolyn Sealy American Military University SOCI 404 Sexual Assault Sexual assault is a serious crime that is growing in the United States. Sexual assault affects everyone. This paper will address how sexual assault relates to the course in regards to socialization, the media, health, religion, deviance, family, and the workplace. I will pursue a critical analysis of this topic by researching statistics associated with the number of men and women who have been assaulted. I will also take a look at how society reacts to sexual assault from several angles. Reactions will be noted by men versus women as the perpetrator and men versus women as the victim. There are countless re that define, explain, and go into depth about sexual …show more content…
Those who feel this way should seek counseling, reach out to support groups, and know that it is not their fault. This article relates to the topic because it focuses on what sexual assault is, the victim, and the aftermath. This source is very useful. Next is Mosby’s dictionary of Medicine, Nursing & Health Professions. Mosby describes sexual assault as forcible perpetration of an act of sexual contact on the body of another person, male or female, without his or her consent (Mosby 2012). It also mentions that in different areas, the definition of sexual assault varies. The following site has an excellent number of facts and statistics to go along with the research. Kawartha says that 1 in 2 girls and 1 in 5 boys will be sexually in their lives. The website goes on to breakdown the different forms of sexual assault. This is useful because I do not think many people know the different kinds and what is considered sexual assault. The website states facts involving male and female survivors and how many of those male and female survivors that actually report the horrible crime. The author did a great job including percentages of how much incidents occur and the likelihood of these incidents occurring …show more content…
It emphasizes on what to do if one has been sexually assaulted. The women’s health source is very educational and informative. Andersen’s thinking about Women textbook gives so much insight into how society view men and women. It also touches on the topic of the double standard. “The double standard that has differentiated women’s and men’s sexual behavior for years still casts them in different sex-gender roles. You can clearly see this connection by thinking about what produces stigma and praise for men and women in their sexual behavior” (Anderson, 2011). Men are seen as aggressive and out of control which society deems as normal, so many think it’s just boys being boys when they sexually assault someone. Baskins and Williams article in the Gazette helped many female soldiers who were struggling emotional from sexual assault in the military. The authors take us through then journey of a female marine as she was sexually assaulted. It discusses what lead up to the assault and the process after once you report it. The military can be a difficult place for women when it comes to sexual assault especially at a command where the guys are tight

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...Army’s Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Training – 071F6888/Version A OCS class number 6888 01 December 2006 (published on AKO SME KCC 19 Oct 07) TSP listed hours – 2 hours Additional Files: 1. 071F6888 PPT Army Sexual Assault Prevention 2. 071F6888 (Army Sexual Assault and Prevention, HO1) 3. 071F6888 (Army Sexual Assault and Prevention, HO2) 4. 071F6888 (Army Sexual Assault and Prevention, HO3) 5. 071F6888 (Army Sexual Assault and Prevention, HO4) 6. 071F6888 (Army Sexual Assault and Prevention, HO5) 7. 071F6888 (Army Sexual Assault and Prevention, HO7) 8. 071F6888 (Army Sexual Assault and Prevention, HO8) 9. 071F6888 Material Reference DOD 10301 Victim and Witness Assistance General Synopsis: This is a very thorough TSP with several good student handouts. There is a significant amount of information in the TSP that instructors must present that is not on slides (i.e. definitions, etc.) Recommendation: Possibly seek assistance from the Regiment and state EO/SA officers. Issues: - Student handout numbering is inconsistent within the TSP and with the provided handout, specifically: 1. There is no handout 6 provided. 2. In the initial Instructor Guidance SH-7 (Resources for Sexual Assault Victims) and SH-8 (Sexual Assault Tip Card) are referenced. From the provided files, SH-7 is the Sexual Assault Tip Card; SH-8 is Sexual Assault Scenario’s. A note for the Instructional Lead-in of ELO H lists SH-6 as......

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My Proposal full of brainless and selfish idiots who dare to walk around the Earth with their despicable and heart-wrenching secrets. From their exterior, they’re perceived as a completely innocent individual that everyone adores or even enjoys to associate with these megalomaniac buffoons. Any human with common sense should know that “consent” is an essential factor that should be considered in any two-party decisions. When a person is forcefully engaged in an unwanted sexual act that is sexual harassment or rape depending on the circumstance. Statistically, 68% of sexual assaults are not reported since 2010. Who knows if those percentages are higher than the average? The funny thing is that we will never know because no one cares in our society! Specifically, let’s talk about rape victims. The definition of rape according to the Oxford dictionary is, “The crime, typically committed by a man, of forcing another person to have sexual intercourse with the offender against their will”. There we have it folks, a definition to engrave in your growing brains. Knowledge is power! Once a rape case is filed, it is automatically assumed that the victim is to blame. Of course, being held against your will is definitely the victim’s fault, right? What about the perpetrator? Is he/she also against their will to put another human against theirs as well? Forget it, it’s most definitely not the perpetrator’s fault. You may ask, “Oh no, how are we capable to fix this injustice?”, well look......

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