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1. Yes this scenario does describe a sexual assault. The sexual assault that it describes is indecent assault because the definition of this is any non-consensual touching done with the intent to gratify lust or sexual desires and in this scenario Minnie kissed Sandra with Sandra not consenting so that does fall up under the definition of sexual assault. This sexual assault is not rape though it is only indecent assault. The reason why this assault would not be considered rape is because there was no sexual intercourse at all just kissing. The victim in this act was Sandra and the alleged perpetrator is Minnie.
2. I would have to say yes this is sexual assault. The reason why I would say that is because one of the types of sexual assault is carnal knowledge which is sexual intercourse with a minor. In this scenario SSG Long does have sexual intercourse with Mike who is 15 years old but I would have to say this is not rape because SSG Long did not force Mike to have sexual intercourse with him and Mike did consent to sexual intercourse. The victim in this scenario is Mike and the alleged perpetrator is SSG Long.
3. In this scenario SGM Wayne does comment sexual assault. The reason I say that is because he slipped her a drug in her drink so that she would not know what is going on and in the definition of sexual assault it says sexual assault is described as intentional sexual contact, characterized by use of force, physical threat or abuse of authority or when the victim does not or cannot consent. That last section of the definition is what comes into play her because she cannot consent if she is drugged and it does not matter if it is your wife or not. The type of sexual assault that SGM Wayne committed was rape and the type of rape is marital rape. The victim in this scenario is SGM Wayne’s wife and the alleged perpetrator is SGM Wayne.
4. In this scenario CPT...

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