Sexual Harrasment Topic Outline

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I would like to select the organizational communication topic of sexual harassment. I believe this is an important topic that needs to be discussed in the workplace. Not only does the employee need to be protected but all companies need to protect themselves. (The U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission, 2013)
The following topics need to be discussed and the company policies need to be put into place to protect all parties: (Global Compliance , 2013)
1. Does your company offer adequate training on the subject of sexual harassment?
2. Is your company incorporate the best practices and are they compliant with the applicable laws?
3. Does your company offer regular harassment prevention training to employees?
4. Does your company offer refresher training if they are not doing full yearly training?
5. Does your training cover all forms of harassment not just sexual in nature?
6. Is your training content developed by qualified professionals who know the current laws?
7. Do your employees understand the concept of protected classes?
8. Do your employees understand the term “hostile work environment”?
9. Do your employees understand the concept of “quid pro quo harassment”?
10. Do your employees know what retaliation is and how they are protected?
11. Do your employees know who to contact or who to report allegations of harassment to?
12. Are your employees familiar with how allegations are handled within your company?
I will address the answer to all these questions in my presentation and give examples of sexual harassment scenarios.

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