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Game 1: Lucky Dart
Begin by asking player to answer 5 questions. The number of dart attempt is equal to the total right answer.
Define the winning area in the dartboard. If the player hits the winning area, he will receive a small gift. If he hits the center of the dartboard, he will receive an additional special present.

Game 2: Obstacle course
Divide players into 2 groups.
The crossword has several rows making up 1 column with the key word. Each correct answer will open a row as well as one letter of the column. Questions are about Gender and Productive health. The first team to find the correct key word is the winner.

Game 3: Discover your body
Divide players into 2 groups.
The objective of them is to categorize the following cards into 3 categories: changes in males during puberty, changes in females during puberty, changes in both genders during puberty.
The winner is the group which get the most correct answers in the shortest time. Physical Growth | Oily skin | Acne growth | Concern more aboutappearance | Beard growth | Axillary hair growth | Greasy hair | Pubic hair growth | Breast development | Morning wood | Ovulation | Menarche | Vaginal discharge | Excessive sweating | Voice break | Hips widen | Shoulder widen | Sperm production | Increase penis size | Testicular enlargement | Sex hormone production | Irritability | Care about friends | Mood disorder | Start thinking about sex | Have feelings for someone else | Depressive disorder | More independent | Start thinking about the future | |

Key Males | Females | Both | Beard growth | Breast development | Physical Growth | Morning wood | Menarche | Concern more aboutappearance | Voice break | Ovulation | Greasy hair | Sperm production | Vaginal discharge | Oily skin | Increase penis size | Hips widen | Acne growth | Testicular enlargement | | Pubic hair growth | Shoulder widen | | Axillary hair growth | | | More independent | | | Have feelings for someone else | | | Sex hormone production | | | Mood disorder | | | Depressive disorder | | | Irritability | | | Care about friends | | | Start thinking about sex | | | Start thinking about the future | | | Excessive sweating |

Game 4: Adam’s secret
- a basket
- 4 cups
- cucumbers
- nylon tie
Each team consists of 1 male and 1 female
The couple ties around their abdomen with a cucumber in order to keep it between them and close to the ground
Using those instruments, each team has to move the basket to the finish line and flip 1 of 5 cups in the line.
There are 4 cups contain a paper with “?” mark -> if a team flips 1 of those cups, they have to answer a question to get reward.
There is only 1 cup contain a paper with a gift image -> if a team flips that cup, they automatically get reward
Must not use any body part to move the basket and flip the cup
The basket and the cups are placed upside down

Game 5: Intrauterine Device
- conical objects
- rubber rings
- chalk or duck tape
One team is made up of one couple, each of them stands 3 or 5m away from the other.
The male holds a conical object between his legs, while the female is provided 5 rubber rings to throw at that object.
If the male can catch all of the 5 rings, the couple will be rewarded a gift.
Otherwise, they will have to answer a number of questions depending on the number of rings the male catches. Gift will be rewarded if all answers are correct.
- Stand at the painted lines
- The male must not move. He must not use any other objects or parts of his body to catch the rings.
- The male must not drop the object

Game 6: Golf game
- a golf set toy
The player randomly draw a process (Eg: HIV test process, conception process…).
Each process has various steps corresponding with various landmark to hit the golf ball.
The objective of the player is to arrange those steps in the right order.
The first wrong step will be the landmark to hit the ball
If the player hit the ball into the hole, he/she will get a reward.

Game 7: Teen confusion
- A4 or A3 papers
- Marker pens
Each team consists of 3-4 people
They will be given 2-3 situations about sex education, love,…
Their objective is to find solutions for those situations. The team which has more reasonable solutions is the winner

Game 8: Action in the night
- cucumbers
- condoms
- pieces of cloth
Draw 2 parallel lines, in the end of each line has a cucumber.
Each player will be blindfolded and given a condom. The objective is to answer 3 short questions and follow the painted line.
If the player follow the wrong line, he/she will be penalized
At the end of the line, the player will have to put the condom on the cucumber. If success, he/she will get reward.

Game 9: Garden of Eden
Two players carry each other on the back. The upper on will be blindfolded and has to pick fruit on a rig.
If they pick more than 5 fruits, they will get a reward.
Otherwise, they will have to answer questions to get reward. The more fruits picked, the fewer questions are given.

Game 10: Mystic box
- 2-3 closed boxes which contain a small hole in the lid
- small objects like condom, tampon, lingerie, mirror, comb…
There will be 2-3 teams, each team consists of 2 players (A and B)
The players of each team stand opposite to each other, and the box is placed between them.
Every team plays at the same time.
Player A put his hand into the box and use his tactile to make suggestions about the item to player B. Player B has to guess the item right.
Then, the item will be drawn out of the box. The total number of right item is equal to the amount of question the team has to answer.
The team has the most right answer is the winner.

Game 11: Crossing the balloon bridge
- balloons
- music
There will be 3-5 teams, each team consists of 2 players.
The players of each team have to clamp the balloon between them.
Each team has to move to the finish line without dropping the balloon and then answer some questions to get reward.

Game 12: (ko bk dịch thú nhún là gì )
- condoms, each condom contains a question inside.
- chairs
There will be 3-5 teams, each team consists of 2 players (A and B)
Player A sits on the chair, put the condom on his thigh
Player B sits on the condom.
2 players try to break the condom to get the question without changing the original position.
Time limitation is 1-2 minutes. The first team to break and answer the question right is the winner

Game 13: Body Language
Players are divided into 2 teams, each of which has 5 members.
2 teams make up 2 horizontal lines. The person at one end of the line will receive an action written in a piece of paper. The members of the group will take turns illustrate to the others using only body language until the other end of the line get the action.
Note that each member has only one turn to receive and pass on the action. Repetition is not allowed. The last members of each team must say out loud the action according to their understanding. The team with the correct answer wins. In case both teams are right, the faster is the winner.

Game 14: Dodder
- 4 small ropes
- a stake hanging a balloon which contains a question inside
There will be 2 teams, each team consists of 2 players.
The 2 legs of each player will be tied with a rope.
The players of each team have to stick together by holding hand and move together to the stake at the finish line to get the question.
If anyone of a team fall, that team will be disqualified.
The first team to get the balloon and answer the question right is the winner. In case of answering wrong, the other team will have chance to answer again if they complete the itinerary.

Game 15: Hoop-la game
- 3 rows of bottle (row 1, row 2, row 3 - row 3 is the closest and row 1 is the farthest)
- a drawn limit line
- hoops
The player has to stand behind the limit line, throw the hoop to encircle it around the bottle.
If the player targets the closest row (row 3), he has to success 3 times and similarly to the other 2 rows.
After successfully throwing the hoops, the player has to answer a question in order to get reward.

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