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Sexual mentality and the Changing Times Sexual state of mind has changed in the most recent fifty years less sexual behavior yet societies disposition towards it. After the Second World War and in the 1950's, sexual behavior was an exceptionally unthinkable subject and was not unashamedly examined. It was directed away from plain view and in the limitations marriage. It was chiefly for reproductive purposes, and pleasure and enjoyment was not that critical. At the point when a woman got pregnant without marriage and the father was around they were made to marry (shotgun wedding) as this brought incredible shame overall family.
Islam considers sex as one of the fundamental human needs that must be legitimately fulfilled. It is a need of the human being that. It requires positive consideration. Actually, Islam thinks of it as one of the requirements of life that ought to be appropriately and legitimately fulfilled. Also, Islam does not treat it as a tacky, unsanitary, or horrifying demonstration of man.
As Islam says, Allah made sexual desire called as shahwat in humans. It is as ordinary as is the desire for nourishment or haven. Like different desires that Allah made in humans it is compelling and can overpower a feeble human. Sexual desire like the desire for nourishment can be fulfilled legitimately or unlawfully. It is unlawful to fulfill the sexual desire outside marriage or with an accomplice of the same gender, or with creatures or soulless things. Humans contrast from creatures in that their sexual desire is there constantly. Creatures create the desire just in the period just before relations and in their reproductive season or stag so the human sexual desire is for propagation as well as for pleasure. In creatures sexual desire is strictly identified with the reproductive capacity. Outflow of human sexuality includes the male and female together....

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