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Sexual Objectification Of Women

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Cultural and gender norms are ever present in the modern world, which creates social constructs for women. This determines the way people perceive them and the way they perceive themselves. Media today tends to judge women based on the way they dress or their physical appearance (Breger 39). Furthermore, mainstream media portrays women as sexual objects, or entities, specifically when they are required to bring sexual pleasure to their male counterparts through the way they look or act. Such media, therefore, is implying that women’s sole purpose is to bring men sexual gratification (Wright and Tokunaga 956). This increases the sexual objectification of women, specifically in magazines, television, and social media platforms, demonstrating …show more content…
A prominent example of this issue was presented by the fraternity, Phi Kappa Tau, of Georgia Tech University. They were found singing lyrics to songs that described explicit ways to rape the women who were at their parties. Not only did these songs contribute to finding humor in a dehumanizing act towards women, but also to the normalization of rape. The actions of the fraternity went unchecked and the members did not face any consequences, which led to the sexual assault of at least two women (Chemaly Paragraph 2). Eventually, when emails sent between fraternity members instructed the men on how to sexually assault females at their parties, these songs were used to support the case against them. However, the Phi Kappa Tau’s lawyer claimed in their defense that the rape victims were “‘exploiting the hypersensitivity of today’s college campus environment toward sexual assault”’ (Chemaly Paragraph 2). While some people in modern society tend to overhype current issues in the world, sexual assault is a recurring and prevalent concern among college women who have triple the chance of getting raped than their male peers (Angelone 188). Desensitization of such songs leads to a greater proclivity for the incidence of rape or sexual assault. Furthermore, at an off-campus fraternity at Amherst College in Massachusetts, students were found with t-shirts depicting a woman clad in her bra and panties who was bruised and tied to a stick with a an apple in her mouth while being roasted over a fire. The caption in these shirts proceeded to say, “Roasting Fat Ones Since 1847” (Chemaly Paragraph 22). Such blatant humor about violent acts towards women allow for students on campuses to take such actions lightly, in turn, classifying rape and sexist humor as a

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