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Sexual Revolution

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Sexual Revolution Evolution Intimacy is not free in the modern world. Political change, social change, systems of oppression, and globalization all contribute to the shape and to the limit of people’s intimate lives. The oppressive regulation of marriage and sexuality by states and cultures can really affect intimacy and incite sexual revolutions.
In feminist studies Professor Leila Rupp’s lecture, Tickell and Peck were cited as defining globalization as a notion based on an increasingly borderless market, where market rules and competitive logics predominate. In another lecture, Rupp stated that sexual revolutions are linked to and caused by: globalization, economic forces, technology and culture. Rupp expresses that many changes in behavior and attitude have been related to these factors. Many sexual revolutions according to Rupp are caused by resistance to oppressive governmental and cultural regulation of sexuality and the diverse ways that people, both individually and collectively, resist regulation and bring about change.
People are agents and resist individually and collectively the perils of oppression. Two sexual revolutions addressed were that that took place in the United States in the 1910’s and the 1960’s. Gender roles were extremely limiting and constricting especially from the perspective of many females. Females were limited to household jobs and conservative dress in addition to their overall conservative behavior. On top of women’s restrictions behaviorally, there was restriction on “sexual liberation.” Women eventually revolted against oppression, aiming for their “sexual liberation,” by showing more skin with their clothing options.
Rupp declared in lecture that states and cultures both mobilize and contain women’s sexuality: sometimes both at the same time. She said that we tend to think of containing sexuality: publicly about honor...

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