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Sociology of Sexualities Learning Journal
First being introduced to this class, like any normal person of course it brought forth a little discomfort. This is simply because of the keyword sexualities. Not ever really being involved in a class that discussed things like sexual orientation and sexual nature, intrigued me to trying something new while learning things surrounding the topic of sex that I had never known before. Before entering this class I believed that I knew everything that I had to, when it came to the topic of sex. However, I was sadly mistaken. Courses such as these help to eventually give you the education you need, on topics we have to deal with as human beings on a daily basis. Already this sociology of sexualities class has brought forth many topics which interest me, while also these certain topics have gone in depth allowing me to discover many new things. These topics include sexual arousal, sex hormones and sexual behavior, gender identities, attraction and love, and sexting among Canadian youth. Within this journal I will talk about the things I had already known prior to entering this class, how I feel on each specific topic, and also as well personal experiences in regards to the stated topics.

Sexual Arousal
When the word arousal is mentioned I tend to think of something or someone sexual drive being awakened. It is a word that has been used quiet a lot in regards to the topic of sex. Being a male I feel as if visuals of things are more important to us than they are to women. Luckily this is the first point that came up when discussing arousal in the classroom. It was said that men appear to be more responsive to visual stimuli than women. For me I feel this to be true. I find myself normally caught up with the visual makeup of my interests without even realizing. Women do tend to care about the visual makeup of their…...

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