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Sexually Violent Media

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------------------------------------------------- The piece of sexually violent media I found is a song called ‘So Hott’ by Kid Rock. This song is incredibly sexual. The refrain:
So hot I wanna get you alone
So hot I wanna get you stoned
So hot I don't wanna be your friend
I wanna fuck you like I'm never gonna see you again

is all about getting a girl alone and performing sexual acts with her. This song is violent because it is emotionally harmful towards women. During the entire song, he sings about performing sexual acts with a woman and doing nothing more than that. Listening to this song, I can only be led to believe that what women take from this song is that they are only used for sex and then tossed aside. The victims of this song are women and this is obvious to me because I listen to many Kid Rock songs and he sings about having sex with women in several of them (I do not think Kid Rock is a homosexual). The possible perpetrators are all men who agree with this song; that women are to be used for sex alone. The violence being displayed is the emotional harm done to women who listen to this song. The emotional harm being that some women may take, from this song, that they are only to be used for sex. The purpose of this type of media is that songs such as this one sell in society. So the saying goes, “Sex sells”. Personally, I enjoy the rhythm of this song and Kid Rock’s style of music so I enjoy listening to it. This does not, however, mean that I agree with the song. As I previously said, I personally enjoy this song. My reaction to the lyrics, though, is that it makes me upset that this truly is what sells in the music...

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