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Sexuual Assault on College Campuses

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Why is sexual assault such a big deal to college campuses now? Is it because there are students who are suddenly bringing it to the surface and really showing what the college administration is all about or is it because the government is only forcing them to do so? Sexual assault is a prominent issue on college campuses all over the country and it affects everyone that is involved. The government is putting a lot of pressure on college administrations to help prevent the chance that one of their students may be drugged and/or sexually assaulted. People are afraid that colleges and administrators are not doing their best to prevent sexual assault on students nor are they fully providing the support to the victims. In recent months, institutions of higher learning across the United States have been rocked by cases of rape and sexual assault. Federal, state and local officials have become involved, as schools struggle to revise their policies and procedures to prevent further incidents. New journalistic investigations, such as the July 12, 2014, story “Reporting Rape, and Wishing She Hadn’t,” by the New York Times, are calling into question the whole rationale for schools handling incidents outside normal legal channels (Mastropasqua, 2014). One of the main problems with sexual assault on college campuses is the lack of consequences to the perpetrator from the school. One-in-five women who attend college will be the victim of a sexual assault during her four years on campus (Van Zandt, 2014). In Eliza Gray’s article in Time she says, “41% of schools surveyed had not conducted a single sexual-assault investigation in the past five years” (2014). Not only is this unbelievable, the sexual assault rate goes up when students enter college. Even though everyone wants to believe that his or her students are safe and have no chance of getting sexually assaulted on...

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