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PART ONE:- 1) b. Information 2) b. Relevance 3) a. Produce pay checks and payrolls reports 4) c. Development of financial budgets and projected financial statements 5) a. Executive Information System 6) b. Who are members of the same company or organization 7) d. Telegram 8) a. Online Transactional Processing 9) b. Localization 10) b. Activity control
PART TWO:- 1) The concept of strategic information systems (SIS) was first introduced into the field of information systems in 1982-83 by Dr. Charles Wiseman, President of a newly formed consultancy called "Competitive Applications," (cf. NY State records for consultancies formed in 1982) who gave a series of public lectures on SIS in NYC sponsored by the Datamation Institute, a subsidiary of Datamation Magazine.
In 1985 Wiseman published an article on this subject (co-authored by Prof. Ian MacMillan) in the Journal of Business Strategy (Journal of Business Strategy, fall, 1984)
In 1985 he published the first book on SIS called "Strategy and Computers: Information Systems as Competitive Weapons" (Dow-Jones Irwin, 1985; translated into French by Bertrand Kaulek and into Italian by Professor Fabio Corno of Bocconi University). In 1988 an expanded version of this book called "Strategic Information Systems" was published by Richard D. Irwin. This book was translated into Japanese byProfessor Shinroki Tsuji and published by Diamond Publishing. Over 50,000 copies have been sold.
The following quotations from the preface of the first book ("Strategy and Computers: Information Systems as Competitive Weapons") establishes the basic idea behind the notion of SIS:
"I began collecting instances of information systems used for strategic purposes five years ago, dubbing them "strategic information systems" (Internal Memo, American Can Company (Headquarters), Greenwich, CT,…...

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