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Faculty of Business, Economics & Accounting
Department of Business Studies
HELP Bachelor of Business (Hons) Year 1
HELP Bachelor of Management (Hons) Year 1
HELP Bachelor of Business Psychology (Hons) Year 1

Semester 3, 2015

MKT 101
Principles of Marketing

Subject Lecturer/Tutor: Ms Liew Huey Min
Telephone: 03-2716 2000
03-2095 7100


By appointment

No pre-requisite is required.

MKT101 has been designed to provide students with an introduction to the field of marketing. The subject focuses on the relationship between organisations and the consumer, expressed through the marketing mix. Essentially, studies are concentrated on the nature and behaviour of supplying organisations, nature and behaviour of the consumer and the various marketing mix elements (product, price, place, promotion) which are used by organisations to satisfy needs and wants of consumers. While the subject has a theoretical base, practical application of the marketing concepts to 'real world' situations via a specific project is an essential part of the subject.

Upon completion of this subject, students should be able to:

Provide an understanding and appreciation of the areas of marketing principles including its theories, concepts and importance for businesses;
Demonstrate knowledge of the broad range of marketing skills necessary to build profitable relationship with customers;
Develop a better understanding of the present and future environment including international setting and implementation of information technologies; and
Analyse range of marketing situations and prepare written reports which provide sound argument and clear conclusions and recommendations.

Topic 1

Managing profitable...

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