Shake Me Down

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It is human nature to express hate for a person, food, or almost anything. However is hate a natural feeling such as love, or is it an acquired characteristic that we learn from our surroundings? We are born into the world not knowing how to react, feel, or express emotion. We learn to love our mothers or our favorite toy and to hate the feel of diaper rash or loud noises. Why is it that when we grow older we learn to turn love in passion and hate in pure loathe and rage. Perhaps it because love and hate is ultimately a feeling that evolves through experience of society In Andrew Sullivan’s New York Times Article “ What’s So Bad About Hate?” The question of whether making laws of morality should limit the personal rights and feelings of an individual are discussed and analyzed. In another New York Times Article Steven Pinker, “ The Moral Instinct”, the idea of how to measure ideas between right and wrong by looking at how decisions about morality are made and whether it is a natural tendency or a conditioned characteristic learned through development are discussed. These questions can be summarized as the main debate of whether hate is moral or immoral. In the past decade a few hate crimes that involved homophobia ( the suicide of Rutger’s student Tyler Clementi) and morals dealing with race and ethnicity ( the shooting of Trayvon Martin) are microcosms of hate and morality in general. When questioning the morality of hate the act of hatred or the person committing the act’s morals is discussed when deeming a hate as immoral.
The deep emotion of hate towards individuals, entities, objects, and ideas has been experienced by most human beings at some point in their lives. Andrew Sullivan states in his article “ What’s So Bad About Hate?” that “ Hate is everywhere. Human beings generalize all the time, ahead of time, about everyone and everything. A large…...