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Management case study of Module II


Global Consumer Products Company wanted to recruit a Brand Manager for their newly developed Baby Soap ranges and it was a very urgent position to be filled as the marketing condition was very healthy, accordingly the company advertised the vacancy on a week day English newspaper. The advertisement was hurriedly & internally drafted and sent it directly to the newspaper office. Since it was advertised in a hap hazard manner, some of the salient features of a well drafted advertisement were missed out, such as clear Job description and Job specification for the position advertised. Once published only few candidates applied for the job but hardly they found suitable candidates.

The Director of Marketing and the Director of HR shortlisted the CVs and called for interviews for 3 candidates. The 1st interview was carried out just before a monthly board meeting and they were rushing to the meeting without paying much attention to the interview, though two candidates were selected for the final interview. The final interview was Scheduled in 10 days after the 1st interview with the CEO and the Marketing Director and his team attended for an exhibition which was attended by lot of multinational and local consumer goods giants. After the exhibition they managed to get-substantial volume of orders for their newly developed Baby Soap ranges.

After 10 days’ time the final interview was carried by the CEO where one candidate was selected for the position and he was asked to join the company as early as possible. Accordingly, Mr. Anton joined the company as the Brand Manager in the following week. In the very first week he was supposed to be familiarized with the systems and the processes of the company but unfortunately he was supposed to get involved in the business activities from the...

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