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Shangri-La Hotel

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Table of Contents Medical Tourism What is Medical Tourism Why Thailand? Medical Tourism in Thailand Why Thailand is No.1 in Medical Destination? What makes Thailand a prime Medical Destination? History of modern medical services Medical and health services currently provided Present policy of medical tourism of Thailand Medical treatments that Thailand offer Additional services for your recover period Medical standards of Thailand Rules and regulations 4 4 5 5 6 7 10 12 14 15 19 23 25

Follow the doctor’s instructions pre-treatment strictly 26 While you are on your way Plan ahead Select health travel agent Summary 27 28 29 31




Medical Tourism
Medical tourism is a term that has risen from the rapid growth of international healthcare where people from all around the world are traveling to other countries to obtain general medical surgery, cosmetic plastic surgery and dental surgery at a fraction of the cost of healthcare in their home country. And, while abroad, if physical conditions permit, patients can experience the interesting cultural attractions their destination country offers. More and more people are seeking the expertise of medical tourism companies to travel abroad as an affordable, enjoyable, and safe alternative to having medical, dental, and cosmetic surgical procedures done in their home countries.

What is Medical Tourism?
Medical Tourism is the practice of travelling across the borders to obtain healthcare services in another country where medical expenses are relatively lower and the services sought are equivalent to or better than those available in one’s own country. The Thai government began strategic plans since 2004 to promote Thailand as a prime medical tourism destination. Since then, the country has enjoyed a large number of visitors in this category. The...

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...List the types of guests that patronized the establishment and explain why do they do so. The guests that patronized the Shangri La Hotel Kuala Lumpur are the travelers from other countries like Australia, England, Arabia, Taiwan and others. They choose Shangri La hotel as their place to stay a night because the location of Shangri La Hotel is the heart of city. Shangri La Hotel is near to the shopping mall, restaurant, KL Tower, PETRONAS Twin Tower and KL International Airport. Beside, Shangri La Hotel also near to bus station and monorail station. It is very convenience to travelers to go here and there. The other type of guests is the citizens who want to relax but don’t want go out of the city. They choose Shangri La Hotel as the place to relax stress because it has a Health Club. In Health Club has gymnasium, Jacuzzi & hydro pool, message treatments, outdoor swimming pool & children’s pool, outdoor tennis court, reflexology and steam & sauna room. The Health Club also opens for membership to local residents above 18 years old. On the other hand, also have some businessmen to patronize Shangri La Hotel because Shangri La Hotel also acts as business Centre. Shangri La Hotel provides many business amenities for the businessman like meeting rooms, Video conferencing Facilities and Complimentary Wi-Fi Broadband Internet. They also have several services like binding services, courier services, facsimile services, laser printing, photocopying......

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