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I. Introduction Inferiority complex often used to mean low self-esteem is feeling of intense insecurity of not measuring up. An inferiority can be seen in negative or ”useless” reaction to problem in life. These reactions are useless because they do not solve the problem at hand, but only serve to guard one’s self-esteem by avoiding the task or by placing the blame for the failure outside of the individual’s control. Alfred Adler is one who experienced inferiority complex described that the feeling of inferiority is highly intensified the degree that he will never be able to compensate for his weakness. He believed that everyone started put experiencing feeling of inferiority in childhood, due to the inherently unequal position and psychological dependence experienced by children. Stemming from psychoanalytic branch of psychology, the idea first appeared among many Sigmund Freud’s works and later in the work f his colleague Carl Jung. Alfred Adler, founder of classical alderman psychology held that many neurotic symptoms could be traced to over compensation for the feeling of inferiority complex. The use of the term complex now is generally used to denote the group of emotionally toned ideas. Along with the inferiority complex, there are also a number of other complexes defined in this time such as the Oedipus, father complex, Good complex and inferiority complex. Current theories or studies focus on personal characteristics to explain the reason on why they harm other or why can’t differentiate from what is wrong to what is right, of course a sane person can tell the difference but humans are not all the same. They have different beliefs, opinion etc. so there will always be some special cases. This certain trait that is focused in this research paper would be inferiority complex. This negative trait in which the certain individuals has an overwhelming feelings of inferiority. Occasionally having sane feelings of inferiority would be common, but too much of it is put on a whole different level. According to Psychology, an inferiority complex is recognized as an advance state of discouragement which could be a person’s life full of suffering by the extreme discouragement making them turn their back on the obstacle of life. We all have our own weak points and strong points and other areas that we focus onto so we can achieve improvement on it. But then again a person with Inferiority Complex would only focus on their weakness and not even try to use them or try to see or test their true potential so that they can calculate or see how much their overall worth can be, it’s a result of only focusing on their weakness more failure in life would be coming for them and if they learn on hw less important they are to society. Even if they manages to accomplish or be successful on some ways on their life will always lok for how inferior they are to others.

II. Related Literature A. Causes of Inferiority Complex 1. There are many causes of inferiority complex, That come from a significant event specifically childhood events for as this stage of life to be traumatized than the rest of stages in life. a.) Parents attitudes to their child could also have a significant effect to their children. Not giving proper encouragement or unconditional love as they grow up. b.) Parents abusing their child, abuse in term of physical, psychological, behavioral and societal consequences. Physical consequences might damage the child brain which could have psychological implications like cognitive delays or emotional difficulties. Psychological problems often manifest to high risk behavior in which depression is worse having a low self esteem. Behavioral, the child would more likely to smoke, abuse alcohol and drugs to escape reality. c.) Any condition could present the child with a source of continuous disappointment or criticism. 2. The other cause could be from bullying and racism. a.) Being called unpleasant names by peers, teachers, friends, by anybody.. b.) Being handicapped and you are being made fun of for that certain reason. c.) Being born from a different place or country. d.) Being less talented than others. e.) Being born from a lower class in society than your peers. f.) Trying to do hand things which will result to failure. 3. The other cause would on how you will take in the stimulus on having inferiority complex.

4. Odd weakness and liabilities that a person may have that he/she become increasingly sensitive about. He/she builds them up in his mind, he/she makes them into much bigger things that they really are; worries about them far in excess of what their importance merits. 5. Trying to do hard things; setting hard tasks for oneself; having high standards for oneself; having high expectation for oneself. The person who is abounding in self-confidence is often just a person who never expected anything really difficult and is as consequence vey happy and content with himself/herself. She/he does easy things, avoids hard things, sees life superficially, and is content with all that. The person with the inferior feelings is often the person with all that. The person with the inferior feelings is often the person with unreasonably high objective and standards and expectation. 6. Focusing so intently on difficulty task that one has committed him/herself to that he loses sight of the purest for the trees, that he/she losses that important mental and emotional balance that tell us what is important is life and what isn’t; that sense just how important one thing is relative to other things.

B. Effect of Inferiority Complex 1. Choosing to sit in the last row of a classroom. 2. Blaming yourself for almost everything. 3. Self-consciousness when approaching a group of peers. 4. Embarrassment at dressing improperly. 5. Not sharing an idea in a group for fear of saying something stupid. 6. Bragging about your activities, successes, children etc. 7. Wondering why you frequently are misunderstood by friends. 8. Inner panic at being called upon at a meeting. 9. Feeling wimpy when someone quickly pulls into your parking space. 10. There would be an undeniable existence of self-hated pity and disregard of our own way which is present in many of us. 11. The people with the complex cannot be characterized by their irritable and even aggressive nature. 12. These people will feel lonely and depressed as they being alienated or isolated, thus these people are more vulnerable to acquire depression. 13. This can drive the people affected to go out of their way to compensate the perceived lacks, by doing so it can over compensate for them as its effect. 14. The person will avoid talking to people even his/her family members and even not going out of his/her room completely.

C. Sign 1. People who feel inferior know they have shortcomings. They are extremely sensitive to criticisms. 2. People who suffer from this complex often have the tendency to blame others to lessen their feelings of being inferior. 3. Avoid social gatherings. 4. Scared of failure; so they avoid any participating in any competition 5. Fault-Finder 6. Destructive Criticism 7. Tend to be shy on a crowd 8. Flatter me 9. Don’t Flatter Me 10. Unhealthy condition

D. How to overcome Inferiority Complex 1. Inferiority Complex is a manifestation of a person way of thinking and of course the way to overcome it is also through thinking. a.) Be open to constructive criticism. b.) People who are sensitive with their emotion should refrain or avoid bitterness and anger. c.) Nobody can help them best but their own selves they can change their thought by changing their negative self talk. d.) This complex is manifested internally that come from within and that’s why they should focus first on changing it because help coming from an extremely stimulus might not be so much of a help. e.) You don’t carry the blame for the ignore of others. f.) Fix your mental self image g.) The most important is to build your self confidence. 2. Interaction with other people can also help you overcome. Inferiority complex being able to interact with, can boost confidence even just having a simple conversation could help improve confidence. a.) Being surrounded by positive people so that they would have a good sample on how the world is not always that down sided. Positive people could give off a nice atmosphere that cancels out the negatively of person. b.) Work with those people who make you feel good about yourself. c.) A mentally healthy person wouldn’t feel inferior so easily even if he/she didn’t have anything in comparison to his/her peers.

III. Summary/Results In this present time, most teenagers do socialize, but there are some who find it challenging to interact with others because of their inferiority complex. However, most of us are not aware what inferiority complex is, it symptoms and its causes. Inferiority complex basically means low self-esteem and an intense feeling of insecurity. A person suffering from inferiority complex tends to fail in completing his/her task. This is because of having very low confidence in every action he/she is taking. If this continues it will eventually affect once ability to socialize and interact with other people. Thus, ultimately an inferior person may have a lesser chance to succeed in his studies and work.

Conclusion As individuals, we can help those persons who has inferiority complex through encouragements, positive and constructive criticisms. If we have constant interaction with an inferior person, encourage him or her to socialized and participate in school activities. Parents also play a significant role in building up the personality of their children. Family is the basic unit of the society where the foundation of positive self. Parent should encourage their children by pointing out their strengths rather than their failures. Let them know that there is always room for improvement and encourage them to try again.

IV. Recommendation As researchers, our goal is to present helpful information regarding inferiority complex that may increase awareness about this topic. Our recommendation is for parents, families and friends who know anyone who knows people who suffer or demonstrate symptoms of inferiority complex to exert more effort to research about this disorder. Awareness will allow us to deal with inferior people more effectively, help them rather than destroy them and help them to look at themselves in a more positive light.

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