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A Mori Love Story
Rated: M
Romance, Drama, Action, Comedy, and Angst
Disclaimer: I own nothing. If I did I would own Mori-sempai . I do own my OC Kurakei. Please be kind though! This is my first fanfiction so please be kind. I get all of my inspiration from all of the MorixOC stories out there. ^^ Read and Review~

Name: Chokore Kurosaki
Nickname: Cho or Choko
Age: 17
Skin Color: Pale
Bust Size: 40-DD
Eye Color: Chocolate Brown
Hair Color: Silver with black fringed tips
Hair Length: Butt-Length
Personality: Cold, Violent, Tough, Out-Spoken, Brash, Smart, Clever, Forward, Blunt, Smart-ass, Curious, Usually Quiet, Rude, and Lonely
Loves To: Eat Sweets (Mainly Chocolate), Train, Read, Fight, Be Alone, Paint, Draw, Sing, Listen To Music, and Play Instruments (The Piano, Violin, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Viola and Electric Guitar)
Dislikes: Being Touched, Girly Girls, Loud Noises, and Too Many People
Body Shape: Lean with some curves but not too much, firm round butt, long legs, flat/toned stomach, and perky breast
Style: Boyish, Punkish, and Tight
Piercings: Silver Snakebites and a belly button ring
Tattoos: A black dragon going from her shoulder, around her arm and stopping at her left middle finger, the kanji for pain on the back of her neck and black angel wings on her shoulder blades
Scars: A scar on her left cheek like Kenshin from “Rourin Kenshin” and a large scar going across her left hip
Chapter 1
“Ooooh! Isn’t he so cute?” “Is that his real hair color?” “I don’t care but he sure looks good in them!” I growled loudly, resisting the urge to rip those girls apart. The whole reason I’m in this predicament is because of my aniki, Sora.
“Imouto lets play a game…..”My older brother, Sora said with his sadistic grin. I rolled my eyes at him but perked my ears up, tilting my head to the side to show him I was interested. “Game?” “It has to do with your acceptance to Ouran High.” I averted my gaze from his, keeping my cool façade in place. “I have no idea what you’re talking about….”I said calmly. “Oh?.....then what’s this?” I looked back at him and gasped, seeing the now taped acceptance letter together. I cringed. “I found this in your trash can imouto…..what would father think?”he said with a dark chuckle. I shivered involuntarily at the mention of him. “D-Don’t tell him….” “I won’t tell unless we play a game.” I sighed, nodding. I wasn’t in the mood for another beating tonight…..“What’s the game Sora?” Sora got up from the dining table and walked over to me. He placed his hands on my shoulders, and started to kiss my neck, unbuttoning my button down long sleeved shirt.
“I think you know sis.”
**End of Flashback**
I shivered, remembering his hands all over me. I had those bruises from him and another more when my dad came home. He lied to me and told my dad so his whole game was just for his pure enjoyment. My dad forced me to go Ouran and decided to make me be a boy. Saying ‘I don’t want people to know I have a daughter….to the world you’re dead Choko~’
Yup that’s right my dad never wanted a girl, he wanted two boys. He got Sora, then me. When my mother had me she died. My dad told me he should of chosen to save my mother instead of me. Maybe he was right….
“Ooof!” I looked down at the ass that would dare touch me and my eyes clashed with large brown eyes. It was a girl wearing heavily baggy clothing, not wearing the horrible yellow puke uniform that the girls here wore. Her hair was messy and unruly brown locks, with her bangs framing two large round glasses. And I so happen knocked her books down. Whoops.
*Normal P.O.V.*
“O-Oh sorry….,”Haruhi said with a faint blush, fixing her glasses as she looked at the tall boy towering over her. He had long silver hair that seemed to be made of silk with black fringe bangs that framed his face, and cold brown eyes that reminded her of chocolate. His face was defined yet had some softness to it; his lips were pouty and full, having two silver snakebites under his bottom lip. H wore not the boy’s uniform but a white long sleeved button that was opened a little with a cross dangling around his neck loosely, the shirt opening a bit at the bottom to reveal a defined body underneath, his v line showing; a sparkly belly ring showing, black leather pants that seemed to hug everything on his body and hung low on his waist, fingerless leather gloves and black combat boots.
“Are you done looking?”Chokore snapped out, a scowl on her face. “Well you’re the one who wasn’t looking…..”Haruhi snapped back, glaring at the boy in front of her. She got down on her knees, picking up her books. Chokore blinked in shock but soon it was replaced by a calm cold look. “Heh….” Haruhi looked up to see the boy, giving her a slight smirk, a fang protruding from the corner of his lips. “I like you kid.” Chokore said, helping Haruhi pick up her books. Haruhi blushed and then smiled sheepishly. “Sorry for snapping at you, I wasn’t watching where I was going either…..” Chokore only tilted her head to the side as if saying ‘It’s okay’. Haruhi smiled and fixed her glasses. “Would you like to come to the library with me? I need to do some report for Japanese History II?” Chokore nodded. “Oh! And my name is Fujioka Haruhi~” “Hn. Kurosaki Chokore.”
**Time skip to library** (Sorry for the time skip everyone >.< I’m lazy and angry at the moment at my bf’s mom >.> bitch…..)
Haruhi and Chokore were in the library and Chokore looked like she was about to kill every last female in that room. She thought libraries were supposed to be quiet.
“His eyes remind me of chocolate!” “He dresses like such a rebel!” “His hair!” “His face!” Chokore rubbed her temples and growled under her breath. She heard a slight chuckle and saw Haruhi, grinning from ear to ear. “Let’s go somewhere else….I hear the music room is quiet~”Haruhi whispered, to her. Chokore nodded and stood up, giving all of the girls a death glare only to earn loud squeals.
“Ahhh!!! He gave us a look like he hated us! He’s so rogue!”they all screamed, hearts in their eyes.
Chokore sighed and walked away with Haruhi tailing behind her, giggling.
**Time Skip (I know I know I’m lazy but you all love me……*crickets*….right? T~T)**
They both arrived at the Music room and Chokore opened the door, petals flying all around them. Chokore growled and blew the annoying petal from her nose, glaring at it as it fell to the floor. “Hello princesses welcome to the Host Cl-”a blonde said before stopping. “You’re not our princesses….” “Like hell I am!”Chokore said with a growl, ready to kick his ass. “Ooooh I get it! Mommy! These two boys are homosexuals!”
Chokore balled up her fist and pulled it back, slamming it into the blondes face. The blonde cried out in pain and bumped into Haruhi who bumped into a vase and it smashed to pieces. “Oof!” *crash*
“That was an 8,000,000,000 dollar antique vase!”the blonde cried, holding his nose.
And that was how Chokore met the host club.~

A/N: What do you guys think? Was it bad? Horrible? Neeeeh tell me! Mori:*pats my head* Calm down Shay Me:Neeeh! Read and review or no sweets for Hunny! Hunny:NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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