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Shc Extra Credit Case Mgt 405

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Eric Kang 815130492 Professor Sloan November 23, 2015
SHC’s Holding Inc. Extra Credit Assignment SHC has developed its own strategic direction by setting its own vision, goal, and mission to approach and provide a better connection with the customers. SHC’s vision starts with the benefits of forming subsidiaries to make more Kmart and Sears to boost the shopping experience in store, outside stores, and by phone, and has operated through its assets and mergers of 1725 fill line and websites to expand its services through technology and the cross channel of free pickup, store/shipping to home, and buying online to grab more of their customer’s attention. (pg.2). The SHC’s financial goal is to generate more revenue from operating income during the fourth quarter of the year, which includes the holiday season. It states “Additionally, in preparation for the fourth quarter holiday season, we significantly increase our merchandise inventory levels, which are financed from operating cash flows, credit terms received from borrowed from domestic credit agreement. “ (pg.6). From its mission statement, “SHC is seeking to transform through its retail strategy, which is based on a number of initiatives such as Shop your way program that depends...

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