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PreLab Composition and Resolution of Forces: Force Table

Instructions: Prepare for this lab activity by answering the questions below. Note that this is a PreLab. It must be turned in at the start of the lab period. Time cannot be given in lab to perform PreLab activities. After the start of lab activities, PreLabs cannot be accepted.

Q1. What is the basic difference between scalars and vectors?

Q2. Do the plus and minus signs that signify positive and negative temperatures imply that temperature is a vector quantity? Explain.

Q3. Which of the following statements, if any, involves a vector? (a) My bank account shows a negative balance of –15 dollars. (b) I walked two miles due north along the beach. (c) I walked two miles along the beach. (d) I jumped off a cliff and hit the water traveling straight down at 17 miles per hour. (e) I jumped of a cliff and hit the water traveling at 17 miles per hour.

Q4. Two vectors, A and B, are added by means of vector addition to give a resultant vector R: R = A + B. The magnitudes of A and B are 2 m and 7 m, respectively, and they can have any orientation. What are the maximum and minimum possible values for the magnitude of R?

Q5. Top of Form
Q5. During a relay race, runner A runs a certain distance and then hands off the baton to runner B, who runs a certain distance and hands off the baton to runner C, who runs a certain distance. In the four cases below, graphically add the three displacement vectors A, B and C together and draw the resultant vector R. A (a) (b) (c) B (d)...

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