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Issues Facing Canadian Farmers Today

Canadian farmers face many problems such as dealing with the effects of international subsidies. One of the problems that farmers face is the loss of farmland. Due to urban sprawl and rural non-farm development Canada is losing thousands acres of farmland annually. We need to protect our farmland because it’s the base for our agricultural economy. On top of that, our farmlands provide a healthy environment to our wildlife. The American farmland Trust, a nation-wide, not-for-profit agency is working on the preservation of farmland for many years now. They believe that there are four fundamentals to creating growth strategies that benefit farmers, urban dwellers and suburban residents. One, being communities must plan out a good framework that balances out all interest such as work and transportation. Two, being subsidies which support sprawl over top quality farmland must be eliminated. Three, being the support of private landowners must be enlisted to help create land conservation and smart growth strategies. All levels of government must support and commit themselves to the protection of preservation of farmland and open spaces. Canada has good farmland and to pave over it for communities is not right. To make an inch of good topsoil takes millions of years, so there is no way of getting our farmland once it’s lost to the urbanization sprawl.

Another problem farmers face are the decline of the family farm and the growth of agribusinesses. Careless polices of the Federal government seem to be causing the loss of large numbers of family farms. This is due to government subsidies being cut while costs of production are rising, and how the administration policies favour agribusiness and food processors. The Department of Agriculture polices are no longer supportive of small farmers. Some solutions to this problem are: adopt a...

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