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She's the Man to Prove Them Wrong

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Imagine that you were told that you weren’t good enough to continue on playing the sport that your world was revolved around because you were a girl. In the movie She’s the Man (2004), Viola Hastings is told just that. When the girls’ soccer team at her school is cut because of a lack of players, she is devastated. She seeks the help of the boys’ soccer coach, asking him to let them try out for the boy’s team. The coach laughs in their faces, saying “girls aren’t as fast as boys, or a strong, or as athletic. This is not me talking, it’s a scientific fact” (Fickman). Outraged, Viola does everything in her power to prove this, as well as many other stereotypes wrong. Viola, played by Amanda Bynes, disguises herself as her brother and try’s out for his schools’ boys’ team. “This transparently cross-dressed performance advances a distinctly conservative perspective on both gender identity and the human subject” (). She’s the Man uses a humorous approach to help viewers understand the gender roles of teenage life when Viola is able to break through the barriers of femininity versus masculinity, disproving stereotypes about romance, athletics, education, and beauty along the way.
There are many different stereotypes of femininity and masculinity in the movie, but the main one focused on in the movie is romance and the different ways that each gender enacts the roles of their individual relationships. Main character Viola Hastings is in a relationship with Justin, who is a typical macho man with no respect for women. In society, women are usually stereotypes as timid, dependent on the men in their lives, and able to be easily controlled in a relationship. However, Viola is able to break through those stereotypes when she holds her own against Justin as he lies to her face and tries to act dominant over her in front of his friends and teammates. When Viola is shot down by…...

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