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Pr im ar y Br eeds

M er i n o: It is the sheep br eed, w hich r em ains popular for its quality w ool. It pr oduces a pr em ium quality fine sheep fleece, w hich is highly dem anded all over the w or ld.
Lei cest er Lon g-w ool Sh eep: W ith the or igin fr om Br itain, these m edium to lar ge sized, cur ly hair sheep is know n for its quality car cass. Not only this, but it is also valued for its skin by the w eaver s.
Li n col n sh eep: This sheep r em ains popular w or ldw ide and w eights betw een 260 to 350 pounds. It is popular for its lovely and finest w ool and fleece, w hich is dem anded all over the w or ld for w eaving and designing.
Dor set sh eep: It belongs to the categor y of sheep that pr oduces delicious m eat. It is popular am ong the dom estic sheep far m ing and can be found easily in m ajor states of the US. The sheep has an am azing m ilk pr oducing and m eat giving ability ? it even has a faster br eeding ability.
Dor per sh eep: Belonging to ar id clim atic condition, this br eed has the ability to adjust to var ying seasonal changes. It is highly popular in w ester n r egions. The body has a good com bination of hair and w ool and they var y fr om m edium to lar ge size. It pr oduces delicious m utton, w hich sells like hot cakes in the m ar ket.
East Fr i esi an :This is the m ost com m on and pr oductive br eed of sheep w hich is know n for its quality m ilk in the w or ld. On aver age, it pr oduces ar ound 990 to 1,100 pounds per 220 to 240-day.
Rom n y : The Rom ney is a "long-w ool" br eed r ecognised in England by 1800. Expor ted to other continents, the Rom ney is an econom ically-im por tant sheep br eed, especially to the sheep-m eat and w ool expor t tr ades of New Zealand.

T i w l y a s

W c M w w a W

W u u f c i t

A p s t t m m p S

w a s n c l M

T i w l y a s

W c M w w a W

W u u f c i t

A p s t t m m p S

w a s n c l SHEEP


Sheep being shor n and a lam b m eat being cut by a butcher.


Region s of sign if ican t s an d Popu lat ion .
The dr y easter n side of the South Island w as ideal for sheep far m ing. Far m er s leased land fr om the gover nm ent and set up huge sheep r uns ? m ostly far m ing M er inos for their w ool.
Sheep far m ing expanded m or e slow ly in the Nor th
Island. M ?or i ow ned m uch of the land, it w as cover ed in bush, and the w et w eather did not suit M er inos.
It? w idely believed that New Zealand has 20 sheep for s ever y per son. Ther e is estim ated to be 30 m illion sheep in New Zealand. New Zealand sheep num ber s peaked in
1982, w ith a total of 70.3 m illion sheep. In the sam e year ,
3.18 m illion people lived in New Zealand. M ajor ity of the fur r y anim als ar e located in the Canter bur y r egions. The land is ideal for sheep as they can handle the intense change in topogr aphy, w ith steep inclines and extr em e planes. W her e cattle such as cow s w ould str uggle w ith the hills. Sheep can handle the w inter as w ell w ith their w oolen coats. Sum m er s a str uggle as they have m any dr oughts, as a r esult of this m any sheep ar e sent to the w or ks.





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