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Hazard/risk image | Types of hazard | Risk rating( L x S = R) | Reason why it’s a risk or hazard and what could happen if the risk is not removed | Who will it affect | How it can be reduced or removed | How will the risk be monitored | | Safety hazard | Likelihood=4Severity=4Risk= 4 x 4= 16 | Stairs are a risk due to the fact that they do not contain yellow tape on them which can make students slip. If this risk is not removed serious injuries will take place and damage will happen to students for instance broken arm or leg. | This risk may effect anybody in that building | Tis risk cannot be removed but it can be reduced by Putting yellow tape on every stair to make them less sloppy. | Having yellow tape apply to ever step. | | Physical hazard | Likelihood=2Severity=1Risk= 2 x 1 = 2 | These tables are a risk as they’ve been placed in corridors where it gets really packed and if for instance students are in a rush or running they can easily das into these without realising. If this risk is not controlled students can cause damage to their faces or body parts. | Mainly students | Tis risk can be reduced by moving the tables in an area where no one walks through or somewhere where isn’t really busy | By having staff members standing in corridors and reminding students in the direction that they should be going and also reminding them not to rush or run. | | Safety hazard | Likelihood=3Severity=1Risk= 3 x 1=3 | This is a hazard because while students are outside and there’s wet leaves everywhere they can easily trip and cause arm to themselves. If this risk is not removed not a serious injury but maybe a broken leg or arm. | Students and staff members | This risk can be reduced by having someone to clean all the leaves and get rid of them whenever it rains. | This risk can be monitored by having a cleaner for the outside area to clean

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