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Sherman Alexie's Superman And Me

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Is a life lost when kept within boundaries? For Sherman Alexie the answer is yes. He is a Spokane Indian and also a prominent writer. He is the author of “Superman and Me” a short essay first published in Los Angeles Times, April 19 1998, as part of the series “The Joy of Reading and Writing”. In this piece Alexie describes how he taught himself how to read at the age of three and how he manage to literally read his way out of the reservation in which he grew up. By narrating his own story, he illustrates how few were the chances for him as well as for all young Indians in a reservation to succeed in life, not only because of poverty or because of the limited school system, but more precisely because of the mental barriers Indians have imposed themselves when exposed to the challenges of the Non-Indian society. In contrast to this panorama, and against all statistics and predictions, Alexie succeeded …show more content…
He visits the reservation schools and teaches creative writing to young boys and girls, he insists: “Books,” I say to them. “Books,” I say. I throw my weight against their locked doors. The door holds.” (76). Alexie presents here a new image which is highly important because here he turns around the previous image of Superman braking down the door --around which he has built his essay. Reality crashes against Alexie’s desperate effort of saving young Indians from the mental and physical confinement of the reservation: “The door holds” he says. Superman has become Clark Kent all of a sudden. Is there no hope for young Indians? For Sherman Alexie the answer is no, there is indeed hope. And the way he answers that question is very subtle and clever, he does it when he changes the last sentence to the present tense. “I am trying to save our lives,” he finishes, so there is hope as long as he persists; as long as they all

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