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Sherman Compuer New Direction

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Sherman Computer Repair New Direction

Sherman Computer Repair is a small computer repair company, has the opportunity to move from a computer repair company to a computer assembly company through the use of creativity and innovation (University of Phoenix, 2009). “Innovation is the process by which organizations use their resources and competences to develop new or improved goods and services or to develop new production and operating systems so that they can better respond to the needs of their customers” (Jones, 2004, p. 403). Sherman Computer Repair has to restructure the company. They have to make changes and innovate to be successful. They must introduce new processes by using new technologies, and services to expand and be more successful. Sherman Computer Repair must plan strategies accordingly and think how they are going to approach change to ensure success with the new company’s direction. This paper will present Sherman Computer Repairs new organizational design. Also, it will consider company’s external environment which will include strengths and weaknesses of the company’s as well as current talent workforce and options to change will be presented.

Sherman Computer Repair Organizational Design Sherman Computer Repair works in three different locations. They offer repair services for computer hardware. Every location is staffed with a manager, three computer technicians, and a receptionist (University of Phoenix, 2009). Also, there are 12 mobile technicians for customers in home service calls. The current organizational structure of Sherman Computer Repair is a functional structure. According to Jones (2004), the functional design is a subunit made up of a group or departments working together but independently of one another, each that possess like skills, and use the same knowledge, tools, or techniques to perform their positions...

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