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Shifting Course

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Problem with Background

I. Introduction
Looking back on my introspection about my fellow batch mates in high school, I have been in contact with them for the past months and we kept on reminiscing the days on how we would like our future be especially on our career paths. From almost 20 persons that I have in contact with, only two of them was able to graduate from college. Some had dropped out and some are still in college shifting courses just like me. So I decided to make a survey research regarding students in colleges on how passionate they are in the course they took up. I have delimited my research to students of the same course that I am taking to target a specific population and validity. Despite the problem of having many legal management students shifting courses, they take easy courses to graduate on time. As a current student and had been enrolled in legal management course in FEU, questions had bewildered myself if I had took the right path and made a right decision to take this course hence where will this lead me after I graduated from the course? There were instances in my college years that I opted or imagined to shift course for that matter because of the fear of the unknown. I am an irregular 3rd year student and I had witness some of my friends or almost of my friends if I may say had graduated from the courses they took and for my fellow legal management batch mates who if not shifted had graduated from this course but didn’t landed on a good job. The purpose of my research is to know the different reasons or the concrete intention or motive why some or a lot of students decided to shift course specifically legal management students. I will also probe if there is a trend of shifters or students from Leg Ma (Legal Management) jumping to another course and what persuade them to do it. This research will use survey questionnaires to get…...

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