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Shirley Huyette is living the active life of retirement in Vancouver, Washington. She and her husband, Bill, moved here together from Pomeroy, Washington after high school to complete her education at Portland University and eventually set down in Vancouver. Moving away from everything she had known was only one of many courageous events in her new life here.

Her life didn't start in Pomeroy thought. Shirley's family moved from Idaho, to Texas, where after a few years they picked up roots and moved back to Washington. It was hard to leave friends, but it was never long before she made new ones and when in high school, she found her husband,and they are still together to this day.

Being the oldest sibling of 3three, Shirley was the first to “leave the nest.” By now she was set on becoming a teacher, and when opportunity came knocking she mustered up the courage and moved away. After she finished her education Shirley went right into the workforce. …show more content…
It was steady work, good students, nice teacher, but the school district didn’t treat the elementary teachers like they did the high school and, middle school teachers They had no prep time, and sometimes we’re not paid the same. So what else to do but go on strike?

There was always the occasional parent that would get upset, and try and frighten you or would yell until they could no longer. But this was different. They jailed people. There were two men who spent the summer in jail.You don't know what could happen when you were on the picket line. There's always

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