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Questionnaire for Green Banking

1. Name:
2. Age:
3. Family Income:
4. Do you have an account in any of the below private or public sector bank?
* Yes Bank
* ICICI Bank
* IndusInd Bank

5. Have you heard of Green Banking?
* Yes
* No
If yes, from what sources have you heard of it?
* T.V Programs
* Newspaper
* Online
* Others

6. Are any of the following banks, are you aware that follow Green Banking?
* Yes Bank
* IndusInd Bank
* ICICI Bank

7. Do you think these banks are doing their bit towards Green Banking?
* Yes
* No

8. Which bank among the following is the only bank which was nominated for 2007 ET sustainable banking award?
* Yes Bank
* IndusInd Bank
* ICICI Bank

9. What all are the Green Banking applications you are aware of?

10. Are you using any of the following Green Banking applications?
* Online Banking
* Solar powered ATMs
* Green Credit Cards
* Green Checking Accounts
* Green loans

11. Are banks giving you enough information or promoting Green Banking whenever you visit?
* Yes
* No
If yes, how?
* Pamphlets
* Cell phone messages
* Door-to-door info

12. In your opinion how is Green Banking more effective than regular banking?

13. You would like to promote which of the following applications all over the country?
* Solar powered ATMs
* Clean Development Mechanism(CDM) related services working on climate change
* Green home loan schemes which provide subsidy and interest rates reduction
* 50% waiver in processing fee of cars that use alternate mode of energy like electricity and CNG.
* Facility of e-statement registration by which banks will donate a book to needy and…...

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