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...Tetsuya kuroku light blue Akashi seijuuruo red Aomine daiki dark blue Midorima shintaro green Kise ryota yellow Taiga kagami dark red Satsuki momoi pink Riko aida brown coach (Aida Kagetora) father Murasakibara Atsushi violet Junpei hyuga=captain Izuki shun Mitobe rinnosuke hanamiya koganei Shingji (Kiyoshi Teppei) (Himuro Tatsuya) (Harasawa Katsunori) (Izuki Shun) (Furihata) (Kasamatsu Yukio) (Haizaki) (Shirogane Kouzou) (214) (Ogiwara Shigehiro) Sesama: Download Kuroko No Basuke Subtitle Bahasa Indonesia Kyouwa totemo sabishii desu or kyou wa totemo kanashii desu! sabishii is lonely and kanashii is sad, do itashimashite!! shusshin wa doko desu ka? =i said, ur welcome! and the other one is "where are you from? watashi mo firipin kara kimashita.. = i said, i'm also from philippines. ichi, ni, san, shi, go, roku, shichi, hachi, kyuu, juu. 20 is nijuu and 30 is sanjuu. ki wo tsukete kudasai!! =please take care mata ne!- =casual way of goodbye, just like "see you" "til next time" it's just like that!..haha! Youkoso means Welcome. kerei no kawa= I believe she meant: beautiful and cute, to the image yoroshiko ne= Perhaps...

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...also faced years of persecution from Christians due to the belief that Jews were the cause of the crucifixion of Christ and their different ideology. In fact, Christianity was based off of the rejection of Judaism, making the two religions have many differences. An example of Christianity’s conflicts is the holocaust. Jews faced a mass genocide during World War II by nazi Germany. This was a very significant because one-third of the Jewish population was wiped out from this genocide. Another major conflict with the three religions is with territory. They all see Israel as their holy land, since it holds some sort of significance to all of the religions. Iraq is a Muslim dominant country with 99% of the population being either sunni (35%) or shite(65%) followers. Iraq is the home of important religious places like Baghdad and Karbala and there have been wars over these places. The different beliefs between the two sects of Muslim has caused qutie a bit of conflict within the country, especially government-wise. A lack of trust and agreement between the two sects forced wars and fighting. Speaking of the government issues, the Iraq war with the U.S influenced many youth and general muslim followers to join jihadist groups, like the Al Qaeda. This is still a problem today, but with a different group called ISIS. Overall, religion in Iraq made a huge effect on government and the growth of jihadist groups. ...

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...“Hate and intolerance are the catalysts for the destruction of a family, of a culture, and a nation”, by Werner Gellert, chair of The New Mexico Holocaust and Intolerance Museum and Study Center. ( It is vital to remember and pass to a new generation the history and lessons of the Holocaust since over 5.7 million Jewish people had their lives taken away by a man who was intolerant of their religion. The largest numbers of victims of the Holocaust were Polish citizens. Adolf Hitler tried to destroy a nation by destroying families who were targeted because of their religion and culture. George Santayana said, “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” (history: This quote explains why the lessons and history of the Holocaust need to be passed on to student’s today and future generations of students. Students need to clearly understand why Hitler wanted to rid Europe of the Jewish people, what was done to them in the concentration camps, how the families were split apart, and how he tried to destroy the Jewish religion and culture. The Holocaust plays an important role in world history. The word genocide was developed after events in Europe, between 1933 and 1945, called for a legal concept to be used to describe the “deliberate destruction of a larger group.” Genocide became a crime punishable under international law. ( The United Nations had difficulty defining the term “war...

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...story writ-ten with a very unique spoken language and with an unusual composition, which I will de-scribe even further later in this essay. Additionally, I will make a characterization of the per-sons, get around the use of supernatural elements and in the end explain how I have inter-preted the short story. The story is written in a 1st person narrator, who is Annie – the main character. The spoken language is unique because the story takes place in contemporary Northern Ireland, and the writer has chosen to show the Irish dialect in the spoken language. The language, especially when the father speaks, contains a lot of slang and unusual ways to pronounce the words. An example of this, appears in this quotation: ““What’s that oul’ shite you’re listening to?” he said, and near put me off the road. A twitter of a laugh: “That would deave you,” and his arm reached out, and turned down the dial.” (Page 5, line 133-135). The fact that the short story is written from the narrative’s perspective, gives the reader an opportunity to feel like he is inside An-nie’s head. Her narrative language is not very formal; as an example she calls her father “Dad-dy”. The story begins in medias res, because the reader is thrown directly into the action when Annie sees her dead father for the first time in the shower. The reader knows therefore right away that this short story especially is about someone’s relationship to his or her dead father. The main character’s name is not revealed before...

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