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Abstract :
Few years back insurance was an arcane word for all of us. Insurance is no longer an unexciting business and the insurance advisor an apologetic salesman. New entries have actually changed the rules of the game in the insurance industry. One such change that has made a huge positive impact in the minds of Indian consumers is the product innovation by the insurance companies. New products are being launched; new distribution channels opened and thousands of sales advisers and managers are being recruited every month. This rapid change is demanding new regulations, new methods of management, new methods of operation and ofcourse considerable development in knowledge, attitude and skills of the workforce. Such times demand business/ output focused people who think widely, are confident about taking risks and decisions and prioritise their own and others’ actions to achieve the business need. Without these attributes the growth pattern that has begun will not be sustained. So are these attributes being developed in people? People know what they should do but they do not necessarily know how to do it. This study is well ahead to evaluate the effectiveness of Insurance Advisors. *, * * Faculty in Prestige Institute of Management, Gwalior * * * , * * * * , * * * * * Alumni, Prestige Institute of Management, Gwalior

Today’s insurance market is increasingly complicated, with a rapid trend toward the diversification and commoditization of insurance products. As insurance companies diversify their product portfolios, agents are pressured to become familiar with a wide variety of strategies and products. Because many agents sell products and services from different...

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