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Dan O’Neil 


No pictures are to be taken on site, while conducting the mystery shop.

Business casual attire is required.

If there is a sign up indicating that someone is there but are not presently in the office YOU MUST WAIT AT LEAST 20 MINUTES for their return. If they returned within the 20 minute time frame, complete the shop like normal. If they do not return within 20 minutes, you will still be paid for your visit. Fill out the report, N/A all questions, and provide a detailed comment about the scenario.

Each location has video surveillance. Always make sure the information in your report is accurate. Any inaccurate information may be challenged by the client.


You MUST wait at least 6 months before mystery shopping any location you shopped in the past.


Uncle Bob’s locations can only be shopped during the following days/times:
Monday – Saturday (9AM – 1PM and 2PM – 6PM)

Do NOT complete a mystery shop on a major holiday. If you shop during a major holiday and they are closed, then you will not be paid.

Shops completed outside of the times referenced above will not be accepted and you will not be paid.


You MUST take a picture of ANY handout(s) received - business card, pricing sheet or brochure.

Below are two lists: “YOU MUST” and “DO NOT.” The “YOU MUST” list charts the things that must be done during your mystery shop visit.
The “DO NOT” list charts things that must be avoided during your visit. It is required that you follow the steps listed below in order to complete a successful Uncle Bob’s Storage mystery shop.


You must enter the...

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