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Short Paper – Healthcare Reform

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Seminar 3 Short Paper – Healthcare Reform
Philosophy of Ethics

Healthcare Reform According to Teitbaum & Wilensky (2007), policies developed in different industries form an integral part of how individuals perform various activities aimed at assisting the society. Signing of Patient Protection and Affordable Act by the United States by President Barrack Obama led to a lot of changes in the health sector. The introduction of healthcare reform in the health sector act brought about many reforms that ensues affordable healthcare services to all regardless of financial status. The healthcare reform ensures every American citizen has a private or government insurance to take care of their hospital bills. In addition, more than 60% of citizens have their insurance covered by employers while Medicaid covers most low income earners, disabled people and people over the age of 65. Healthcare reform has introduced both virtue ethics and care ethics in the health sector through human resource capacity building and development and knowledge sharing as well as information management systems. The ethical issues that relate to health care requirements should ensure that clinicians and physicians have adequate training on how to handle ethical values in health problems. The health care practitioners are obligated to understand the ethical frameworks as well as moral theories related to influencing health care practices positively. Healthcare reform must follow a clear moral foundation in order for it to apply to virtue ethics. First, every person requires health care because it is a fundamental requirement. Secondly, health care does not form the only fundamental service need by an individual and lastly health care is a public service. On the other hand, health care reform calls for good health for all implying that proper health care is a must to all. Given...

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