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African Art ties and deals with the fabric of society because through African art the struggles, liberation, and justice that many Ancestors fought for can be seen and embraced in African art itself. African art consist of shrines, wood carving, and in my biased; different ceremonies, or what one held or thought to be true can be considered as a form of art in itself. African art was sometimes from those of low status or ranking who would create some of the most beautiful art sculptures and pieces by hand however; this work would be made the property of some wealthy individuals, who would then use the art to enhance ones’ own authority.
Since the beginning of time Africa has been called mother Africa because of her many contributions that she has given to this world. Africa is the world’s second largest continent, stretching near 8,000 kilometers from South Africa to Egypt. Africa has birthed the indigenous people as well as the ancient Kush, and civilizations that have impacted the past as well as the present. The essence of Africa and what she contains continues to inspire and uplift humanity. Africa was once a culturally enriched continent hat once consisted of many deities and sacred buildings, before colonization took place. Gods and goddesses were once seen as serving their role, catering to the first people who were harmonious with planet earth.
The African eye saw things from a holistic view; where everything including the trees, insects, the elements of the earth, were all embraced and intertwined together, no one or no-thing were deemed as purposeless. The mind, body, and spirit was viewed as a whole, this helped create the since of “wholeness” that would link generations with past generations, because the African people believed strongly in positive and negative energy(forces) which were seen as never ending eternal life, because to them energy( the…...