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Behind the Man
by YDR
Sometimes it is better to pretend that we are not affected by what’s happening around us than be hurt with the truth it brings on us. This morning he will open the shop and spend most of his time talking to customers with his life’ s adventure as well as his problems he surpassed lately. He talks like a parrot in every person he meets and tells the same story that he had recently. He projects so well that he is a good provider with all the people he has talked to. He pretends to be humble with all the things he has. The newly constructed mansion, a Honda civic , a Ducati motorcycle, an original Manny Paquiao shirt , a Tag Hever watch, a Levis maong pants, were all in his possession though he claimed that these are all owned and given by his wife. Sometimes , it sounds convincing but sometimes it’s irritating especially if he keeps on telling this to people whom he come across that these are all what he got. He is living like a well off man . He can go to shopping mall whenever he wants. If he wants to eat something exotic he can go to Subic. He can travel locally and internationally. With all these , people thought that his business proliferates. How fortunate!
His daughter, LJ is enrolled in a well known private tertiary school taking up Photography, a course that he never approved . With this, LJ didn’t get support from her father in every undertaking she underwent . She never felt she’s special though she is the first child . She grew up with her lola who gave her the special attention she’s looking for. From then on, she envies the treatment that was given to her brother, believing that his brother is the favorite child. She tried to be somebody by engaging in sports. She played tennis and gave her best in this game until she became famous. Another story of her father was added on the list. His daughter brought him…...