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Such a weird thing, this life, she thought. She took a bite of the delicious French toast in front of her, this diner makes the best French Toast in the world. She drifted back to her thoughts, the way her life went, and how it turned out. It's full of events that she would describe as... Exciting. No, not exciting, she wasn't Excited when her friend died right in front of her eyes, they're just... Significant. yeah, that's it, each event carried a different meaning and feeling, but they were all important, they made her the woman she is. She took a deep breath in, looked at the beauty around her, and exhaled slowly. This world seems so happy, it IS so happy. Happy and beautiful. This beauty around her never fails to make her think about her life. She laid her head back, letting her eyes gaze at the blue sky, and like an old movie, her whole life flashed in front of her eyes. She misses her dad. her mom died when she was a little kid, so her dad was the only family she ever knew. SHe remembers how every Saturday they did something together, it was their day, they would go swimming, play football, or when it was way too cold outside, they would just stay home and read a book together next to the fire place. Her childhood was magical. Well, half of her childhood was magical. When she was ten, or was it eleven? the age doesn't matter. What matters is, that her dad fell madly in love. She didn't like the woman, but she was happy that her dad stopped spending hours staring at his long lost wife's picture, or talking to her grave, He never showed his pain, but in some sort of sense that only children have, she knew he was hurt. "good morning Jaimie, do you want some more orange juice?" said Max, the blue-eyed always-smiling waiter. "Oh, hello, yeah I would love some, thank you." he poured her a glass of fresh orange juice "so how are you? And how's your leg? Hope it's…...