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Title: Sympathy pays off

A poor boy used to work in a big restaurant. He was really kind and generous. He always helped the poor even thought he was poor himself. His name was Raven.

One day, he accidentally slips a plate from his hand. The manager of that restaurant was a very bad man. He hated Raven because the owner of the restaurant was very fond of raven. When he saw the plate slip from his hand, he saw his chance! He told the restaurant owner that Raven broke the plate on purpose and also told him that Raven just looks very nice from the outside but inside he is a nasty person. The owner of the restaurant was shocked to hear that so, he fired Raven.

Raven was very sad. He walked home crying and hungry. Then he saw a stand! He went to buy some food there. He bought a loaf of bread only because he had little money. Just when he was going to eat the bread he saw a poor wounded dog crawling near him. ‘Poor dog!’ he said. He thought the dog might be hungry so he gave it some of his bread. The dog got a little better! Raven thought that the dog was alone too so he decided to keep the dog as his pet. Raven also decided that he shouldn’t lose hope! If he has lost a job then he should try to find another one. Then he saw the restaurant owner. He had seen Raven’s sympathy for the dog so he came to this conclusion that Raven is not nasty, the nasty person was the manager!
Then tomorrow morning, the restaurant owner fired the manager and replaced him for Raven! After that, the restaurant had been earning a lot of money! Raven became a very rich person! And so, Raven lived happily ever after with his friends the restaurant owner and the dog! (Woof!)