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I woke up on the cold hard cement floor, my clothes torn, make-up smudged and bruises all over my body. Not sure how long I have been here, or where here even is. Why was I so stupid? I saw him in the coffee shop…this handsome man with dark hair and piercing blue eyes; he was smiling right at me. I had a sudden urge to talk to him, something that doesn’t happen very often. We talked for hours, and it seemed like we had known each other for years. We just clicked; I trusted him. He spoke with such intellegence and confidence that I was instantly smitten, lost in the words of this stranger. He then invited me back to his place for drinks. The last thing I remember was Zale and I, warm and cozy, cuddled together on his couch sipping on some wine he had brought for us to drink.
Now, here I am sitting alone in this basement, it looks more like a cellar or dungeon than anything else. There are four walls, an old shower that only drips brown rusted water, not enough to even atempt to drink, a small cott and a camera in the corner of the room. The only door is made of steel, with a slot that looks an awful lot like a prison door. There is clearly no way out. Overwhelmed with fear I called out crying Zale’s name, “Zale, please help me!” The sounds of my cries echo in the chamber. A noise came from above, “shhhhhhhhhhh”, and then a familiar voice, his voice, “Tegan, there is no use calling out…no one can hear you”. I continuously scream. I can taste the copper in the back of my throat. From above, his voice boomed yelling: “don’t scream. You are going to hurt yourself”. Shouting back at him, “Zale, what the hell is going on, where am I?” There was a long pause, breaking the silence, “I love you Tegan, I love everything about you. Ever since I laid my eyes on you three months ago. I love the way you sing in the shower and the way you look when you…...