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once upon a time, there was an old and poor farmer. he lived with his two sons. one day, there was a knock on the door, his youngest son, bill, went to open the door. it was a man. he was wearing an old and dirty suit. he said to bill, 'little boy, i am very hungry, would you please please give me some food?' bill thought for a moment, then said,' alright, come in'. they walked into the kitchen. bill took a loaf of bread, and handed it to the man. the man was very happy, he ate the whole loaf in a minute. he thanked bill, and told him about his story. the man was once a rich business man, but his boss fired him because he was late for work one day. he lost his job. the man said that bill was a very good boy, and one day, he would return his favour. many years have past, bill has already grown into a teenager. one day, there was a knock on the door. bill went to open the door. it was a man. he was wearing a shiny suit. he looked very smart. he said to bill,' do you remember me?i am the man whom you gave a loaf of bread to many years ago. i have come to return my favour.' bill remembered him. the man handed him a breifcase. there was a lot of money in it. bill was very surprised. he didn't think that he could receive this much money in return just because of a load of bread! so then, bill became very rich.

this story tells us that we should help others no matter who they are.…...