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Short Story

She could always make decisions in split seconds, but were they good ones? She spent her life living with no regrets, or at least that’s what the quote on her wall said. Whenever anyone disagreed with her choices, she would make them plead to agree. Could she have been called a role model? She could be called a model, with her perfect figure, every girl's dream, even as she dressed in non-complementing, male clothes, her gender scale tipped over to the female side and beyond. Was she influential? Her voice spoke of nothing but persuasion, her lips were as red as her enemies' blood - of course she had no enemies - and so she was pale. Alternately she had the correct answer every time, she may have not always been right, but she was never wrong. Her name was Avalanche, later on she was referred to as “she's coming”. To her dismay, her always right record was put to an abrupt ending, it was not a right decision she chose to do.

“Avalanche, I am talking to you, listen!” Her father said, almost emotionless due to Avalanche draining all his powers. A sorceress. “You can either tell the world about my murder, or you can keep quiet, it won't matter because I will get caught anyway” Avalanche, stood there in silence. She had her brain thrown into a blender, and her heart made into a jumbled puzzle. Was it potentially possible to keep quiet about this? She would have committed the murder, if her dad had not, and so she couldn't admit it to the police. Just as much as she hated her father, she also detested thinking of becoming an orphan. It was a decision that she would've spent the time of the world on thinking of, but she didn't. Her father was hoping that she would help him plead his innocence, not that he was a policeman's victim. His victim was a woman, a woman he adorned in jewels, and gold and gave the world's possessions to, however neither him nor…...