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5th of March
"Harsh Fate"

Flowers and leaves are growing everywhere; the sun is shining brighter and warmer each day. Birds are tweeting more often and the voices of children who are playing on a playground are becoming louder. Summertime has already come. A year without summer is the same as life without love. Oh, it was already six o'clock in the evening when I looked at the clock. I felt happy because there was only one hour left until I got off work. It surprised me again when I looked at the calendar - it is the 3rd of June, the day I first met you. This was the most bittersweet day of the year-exactly three years since we first met.
I was only a first year student, a little girl who was completely engrossed in parties all around the city. I was a student who barely finished her six hours of lectures like a cat on hot bricks. Only a few thoughts were in my head after school: how to get permission from my parents and what to wear when I go out to the club. It was a warm and busy Friday 3rd of June, 2008. Every bar and street were full of people as I walked down the central street to take a cab to the club where all my friends were. I felt an incredible rush because I love those kinds of days.
When I got into the club, all friends and colleagues were there; all were having fun and dancing. After I danced for a while, I went to the restroom to refresh my makeup and took some party pictures with my friends. There were some guys laughing loudly beside me when I was sitting on the coach outside of the restroom to rest a while. Suddenly I noticed that one of those guys was staring at me and he could not even pay attention to his friends’ conversation. My inner instinct immediately told me that he was interested in me! I thought it’s time to go back to my friends. What is my naturally good body shape and pretty face for? I walked like a model to…...