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The kids insisted on playing hide and seek while Peter didn’t want to since one of the kids had broken their legs while playing hide and seek last time. In the end on a lot of insisting by the kids Peter agreed but warned them not to do anything mischievous since the kids are very naughty and always end up doing some kind of prank. However, Peter began.
“Ten, Nine, Eight, Seven, Six, Five, Four, Three, Two, One”
Hide and go seek was the order of the evening. The non-stop rain with no signs of stopping meant mud, mud and more mud. Peter already knew where the kids were. They always hid in the same place together just like twins stick together.
“Where could they be?” he said talking to herself. She tip toed down the stairs and peeked into their room “Goodness, I will never find them!” “Maybe here they are” shouted Peter trying to increase curiosity.
“Err… guess not” he murmured searching behind the bed, the curtains, and the washroom. “Where on earth have they gone?”
He went downstairs hoping to find some clue or maybe a sign where the kids have hidden. “They’re not here even” he murmured. “John! Beth! Come on outside enough of the game, it’s time for dinner now”. “I am not playing anymore.”
A minute passed and the panic set in. Peter was now petrified. He had no clue where to find them. He went downstairs fussing and murmuring “Where could they be? They never do this, how can they do this with me?”
As he went downstairs he saw the main door wide open. He knew he’d locked it. He was very obsessive about locking the door and checked it at least twice every time.
He went inside and called the police. Peter wasn't thinking clearly.
“Yes I need help, my children are lost" he said in a panicked voice.
“Is there anyone or any place you think they can go?” asked the police officer
“No, there's no one they can…...