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I had fell in love before I knew it
Roger Michel
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January 14, 2015
David B. Lagerson

I had fell in love before I knew it
It was An early morning I had woken up from one of my nightly nightmares. I usually would turn on the T.V until I fall asleep again but this time I decided to hit the gym. I prepped my pre-workout, remote started my truck so that it would warm up and I was on my way. As Im driving there im dreaming about having a relationship with a beautiful girl I had seen there a few days prior. I get there and start my usual workout. I keep searching and scanning the area hoping to see this girl again but see nothing. I find myself at the last set and still no girl. The days went by and forgot about her.
Later, I meet up with my sister and she told me about a friend. She said her friend was a single mom, an army veteran, and a police officer. I was enlightened and excited to meet this girl. So later that week, I meet my sister at the gym as we are working this nice tall women, beautiful in color, and carried herself very well. I tapped my sister the shoulder and said “that is a grade A girl’’, she responds “that is amber the girl I’ve been talking about’’. I was in love. I had never seen such kind of girl. all I needed now was a way in.
Later that week I got wind from my sister that ambers mom was in the process of making tamales. I love those things. So I thought to myself what if I can have her sell me some and in the process have her drop them off then I can get to know her. I got on the horn and made it happen. She came over and sold me some, and the conversation kicked off. She told us about her current situation with a stocker she arrested, the kind of people she encounters at work, and her life struggle. After several hours of talking between her my sister and I could not help to agree that she was an amazing person, and a wonderful…...