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It was a cool crisp morning in Philadelphia, but their bedroom felt like a thousand degrees as Joyce stood in the doorway holding her hairbrush. Adam was at a loss for words. The house fell silent as they stared at it each other. The only ambience was the sound of the city coming to life below them. The sunlight peered through the slightly opened blinds; shining on Adam like a spotlight.
“So? Whose hair is it?” Joyce demanded an answer.
Adam stared at is wife taking in all her beauty at that moment. Even in her anger he thought she was the most majestic creature he knew; with beautiful eyes, full lips and a body sculpted by the gods. Joyce’s hair flowed down her back and shoulders and her cinnamon skin glistened in the morning light. Adam snapped back to reality; Joyce was waiting for an answer. He opened his mouth and lied.
“What are you talking about?”
“Who was using my brush? I found this long blonde hair in brush Adam”
“It’s Katelynn’s hair”
“Katelynn; Rosie’s little friend, remember? She was over here last weekend when you were visiting your sister. I caught them in you brushes and makeup; I didn’t want to get her in trouble so I didn’t say anything.”
“Oh” Joyce replied in embarrassment
As Adam looked the brush his heart sunk because he knew exactly who it belonged to. Adam stood there speechless but not giving anything away with his face.
“How could you even think like that?”
“Well your silence is giving me reason to”
Adam stared at his beautiful wife. He admired her features deeply and thought she was the most beautiful woman in the world. But Adam did need to think of something to say and something quick that wouldn’t give him away because he was doing exactly what she thought
“I’m sorry if I seemed secretive, but you know I can’t help but protect that girl”
“You spoil her rotten you know that don’t you?”
“I can’t help it she’s…...