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I chased it along the high street. People must have thought I was mad. I thought I was mad! A scrap piece of paper! Just one piece of paper and there I was running after it like my life depended on it. I was just so desperate to write to you, even after what you’ve done to me. I sat down while the rain trickled down the side of the wall as I was leaning against it. I was trembling with fear whilst my teeth were clattering because of the cold. My hairs lank now sticky and dark with grease and there are so many thoughts whirling round in my head and I can’t control them. I haven’t showered since I’d been neglected by my own parents; I have to sleep on the hard ground, hoping that one of the dirty men will stop staring at me. My clothes were dirty, torn and old, after what happened that night…
I never thought that this would happen to me, a normal sixteen year old teenager. I was walking home through the woods which was something I did everyday but usually with my friends. This day felt different. I was alone. Suddenly a man came from behind and grabbed my neck and threatened to kill me if tried to get away or screamed. He vigorously pushed me to the ground and took control of my body and I just felt like I was paralysed. I couldn’t do anything but panic and think about the disgust I was going through. The pain was never ending. I couldn’t do anything to get this atrocious beast off me. All I could was to scream at the top of my voice. The brute still wouldn’t get off me so my body and brain just gave in, and I just closed my eyes and waited for it to all end like a bad dream.
Trembling my way home, not having anything my head but the horrible flash backs of what terror I’d just experienced. Not knowing how to inform my parents, and what their reaction will be. Whether it would be supported, accepted or neglected. I looked down in disappointment, as…...