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“Come on Billy, we’ll be late for school,” said Hermie.

“Oh, I’m not feeling too good,” replied Billy

“Hey, you’re always saying that when it’s a school day but on the weekends

you’re fine,” said Hermie.

“Now, Hermie, don’t be like that. I reckon I have some sort of flue bug. You go

on and I’ll catch up later,” Billy said with several coughs.

“Sure,” Hermie remarked, shaking his head, “but you know what Mum will say

if you go off playing.”

“Don’t worry about me younger brother,” smiled Billy.

Hermie headed for school, while Billy dawdled along. Picking up a stick and

running along a fence, making a rat-at-ty-tat sound.

“I think I need a little sea air,” Billy said aloud to himself, as he headed for the


Scruff, the town’s care-free stray dog, walked alongside of Billy.

“Hey, what do you want Scruff? You’re not coming with me you little mutt. Go

on back home. Go on. Come to think of it, where’s your home? Mmmm!!! Oh,

okay, you don’t have one, come along then. As the saying goes, ‘Life’s not a tea

party, it’s a wild adventure!!!’”

A short time later Billy and Scruff were running along the beach having a grand

time. They were jumping on large piles of seaweed. Chasing seagulls. Looking

under seashells and rocks for crabs. Jumping like frogs in and out of the

shallow water.

With the warm sun on his face, Billy laid down on the sand gazing up to the

brilliant blue sky. Scruff was off digging into the sand nearby.

This was the life. Not a person around. And a gentle breeze swept off the

glistening ocean with a beautiful sea air scent, as seagulls squawked with each

other in small groups along the seashore.

After a little while Billy noticed Scruff still busily digging. It was now a deep

hole. Actually it was so deep that Billy could only hear Scruff panting and madly…...